From an intimate few to a crowd of thousands.
Duo, Trio or Band this line-up is in the business of entertaining.
Booking: 315.516.2004  Email: lisaleesmusic@gmail.com


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Lisa Lee 

Lisa Lee Lead Vocals, Guitar and Percussion
Accompanied by  Guitar & Harmonica

Lisa Lee Trio
Lisa Lee Lead Vocals and Percussion
Accompanied by Two Guitars 

Lisa Lee Band
Lisa Lee Lead Vocals and Percussion 
with High Energy Band.

Lisa Lee Duo, Trio or Band
Performs a wide variety of popular hits from yesterday to today. 
Whether it’s a full night of Rock, a full night of R&B and Dance or a mix of music genres
like Classic Rock, Pop, Country, Southern Rock, Oldies, Blues, Jazz, Ballads and more,
this lineup can entertain any audience from an intimate few to a crowd of thousands and leave them wanting more.