Lisa Lee’s                                                                                                                         sultry, soulful voice resonates with a dusky blues tonality and silky sweetness.

Lisa performs a wide variety of popular hits from the past several decades, mixing a variety of musical genres including Classic Rock, Modern Country, Classic Country, Oldies, Blues, Ballads, Pop and more.



Lisa Lee Band Concert

Lisa Lee Band Concert

Lisa Lee Band

This professional group of musicians has years of experience performing and entertaining.

The Band plays music from many popular dance genres: Classic Rock, Modern Country, Oldies, Southern Rock, R&B, Blues, Classic Country, really anything that is danceable.  Young and old alike appreciate the variety of music this band plays; this lineup can entertain any audience from an intimate few to a crowd of thousands and leave them wanting more.

Lisa Lee Trio

Lisa Lee Trio

Lisa Lee Trio

Lisa Lee with two Guitarists,Three part harmonies, slide guitar, harmonica & percussion. Performing acoustic versions of the band song list and many more.




Lisa Lee Du0

Lisa Lee Guitar & Vocals with second Guitarist and vocalist. Two part harmonies, harmonica & percussion


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